Chisels / Rippers

B.W. Implement Co. manufactures a very wide selection of chisels and rippers. We have smaller chisels for vineyard and orchards or small medium and large 3 point and pull type rippers and chisels. We also manufacture a wide variety of configurations. V-bar subsoiler (V-chisels) Straight bar subsoiler (straight in line) or W-Frame (lead shank in the middle of the frame) And V-Bar staggered (staggered shanks for more trash flow) We also manufacture double and triple bar finish chisels. If you don’t see a configuration you need just ask us. Shank sizes are 1” X 27” or 31” standard or parabolic 1 ¼” X 31” or 34” standard, semi-parabolic, and parabolic. 1 ½” X 32”,34” or 36” standard, semi-parabolic, and parabolic. 2” X 36” or 42” Semi-parabolic shanks Chisels and rippers for over 5 shanks can come with steel or rubber depth gauge wheels. (except small vineyard models) All chisels, and rippers come with a grade 2 shear bolt and a grade 5 pivot bolt, no special bolts to purchase. All chisels and rippers are made with heavy wall structural tubing main frames. Shanks have chrome points, replaceable shin guards to protect the shank If you need a custom configuration or would like a copy of your existing shank just ask us and we will design one for you


Model # Shanks Width Weight Appx.
RS-3-34 3 7′ 6″ 1830
RS-5-34 5 12′ 6″ 3500
RS-7-34 7 17′ 6″ 4990
RS-9-34 9 22′ 6″ 6570


W Frame Chisel



Staggered Chisel




Finish Chisel

2 Bar

3 Bar


Spiral Crumbler

Striaght Crumbler

V-Bar Subsoiler

Standard Duty V Bar Subsoiler

933 Subsoiler (3/4 View)

933 Subsoiler (Front)


Double Bars



Single or dual gauge wheels

Extra pockets

Side wear plates

Rear hitch

Detachable tongues

Horse power requirements per shank. HP is draw bar horse power.

  • 1” = 20HP
  • 1 ¼” = 25HP
  • 1 ½” = 35HP
  • 2” = 45HP

Example (7) 1 ¼” shanks X 25HP = 175 draw bar HP tractor.

 4” x 4” and 8” x 6” structural tubing

1 1/2″ x 34” parabolic shanks w/ adjustable spacing

Guards & Points
Chrome shin guards and points

Wheels & Tires Dual gauge
wheels w/ 9.5L x 15” tires on 7 & 9 shank models

Cat III three point

Rating 35 HP per shank

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment:

  • 1 1/2″ x 36″ parabolic shank ( add per shank)
  • Single gauge wheels on 5-shank unit