The B.W. Implement Co. Flat V-ditcher is designed for a flat irrigation ditch.. Flat irrigation ditches have more usable water than a regular V ditch. Flat ditches are also faster at drying up making it faster and easier to get back into the field after irrigation. The B.W. Implement ditcher is also light enough to be used with a wheel tractor instead of a crawler, saving time and money. There are different options including a chisel unit to help pull the ditches faster and a wheel kit to help with depth control.

Since B.W. Implement makes an irrigation ditcher, it only made sense for us to manufacture a ditch closer. We make two different models of ditch closers, the first is or original ditcher made in reverse. We use the same mold boards and reverse them to fill I the ditch. Our most popular model is the ditch closer we make with 24” disc blades. This is the front of a tandem disc that all the blades throw the dirt towards the center of the ditch. This is a more popular design since it can also be used to make small borders. Even though ditchers and ditch closers are almost a thing of the past with current technology B.W. Implement still will manufacture a new one for you and still has parts available for older models.


Ditch Closer

Model # Description HP Weight Appx.
WF24-168 Blade-type flat ditch closer. Made of 2 11′ moldboards w/ 14′ width to completely fill wide ditches. 100-180 1820
DF18-180 Disc-type flat ditch closer. Heavy duty construction with dual gangs. Nine 24″ x 6mm blades per gang w/ scrapers on 9″ spacing. 100-180 1950


Model # Description HP Weight Appx.
W24-110 Flat Vee Ditcher 100-180 1300

Optional Equipment


  • Heavy duty ratchet adjustable gauge wheels with 15″ tires. (Helps keep unit stable form left to right)
  • Nine shank rear mounted chisel unit with hydraulic cylinders and hoses. ( Loosens soil for a second pass)*
  • *Mounting brackets required if ditcher does not have gauge wheels.
  • Hydraulic cylinder and hoses to replace tractor top link.